About Us

Eazy Refund Aims to Provide Premium Taxation Services

Eazy Refund holds the team of highly experienced and specialized professionals who have more than a decade year of experience working in the industry. All the people working at Easy Refund are efficient in business bookkeeping, taxation, US individual taxations and payroll services. We strive to provide highly professional taxation services in the best possible way. We are proud to say that we are the top preference for the non-resident Indians who hold a Green card or individuals working in the US on H1B/L1. We have been considered by most of the top businesses and individuals in the industry. Most of the students who are visiting the US on F1 CPT/OPT for study purpose also hire us.

We are ready to do everything you need to assure your triumph. Our professionals make opt and appropriate calculations to involve our victory with yours. Once you hire us for your tax filing and begin the journey with us, you will get benefited from our top-notch services. We are always ready to respond to your queries and solve your issues 24/7. We know how hard it is to earn money and we value your money. We can confidently say that we are good at keeping your money secure.

We remain true to our promises

Our commitment to delivering our promises has helped us to provide quality services to the clients and stay ahead of our competitors.

We care for your welfare

We understand your limitations and always strive to deliver our promises for your well-being. For this, we offer premium tax filing services to help you save your hard-earned money.

We ensure your satisfaction

We are more concerned about your satisfaction. TO achieve this, our experts keep updated with the latest tax regulations and help you manage tax filing processes effectively.

Deliver outstanding results

Our highly skilled Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Enrolled Agents (EAs) hold a valid PTIN to deliver expertized outcomes that exceed your expectations.